TRUE Advisor Certificate

Become a TRUE trained professional

Get recognized as a zero waste professional trained on the TRUE Rating System. TRUE顾问了解评级系统的要求,帮助项目实现 TRUE certification and are committed to advancing zero waste values and policies. As a TRUE Advisor, 您将成为公司常驻专家,支持和实施零废物计划,并通过bt365真人流程领导设施.

Earn the TRUE Advisor certificate to showcase your commitment to preserving and improving the environment; that you possess the knowledge necessary to divert and document unnecessary waste from landfills, incineration (waste-to-energy) and the environment; and a willingness to assist others in achieving zero waste operations.


About the program


证书课程为想要了解零废物政策和计划的个人提供了全面的课程, and help projects participating in TRUE certification. TRUE顾问证书持有人对最新的零废物商业原则有实际的理解, 他们在推进TRUE价值观的过程中表现出对专业发展的明确承诺. After successful completion, TRUE顾问将帮助企业为TRUEbt365真人做准备,并协助组织通过bt365真人过程.


参加该计划没有资格要求. 个人必须在注册后180天内完成在线课程并通过评估,才能获得TRUE Advisor证书. 成功完成TRUE Advisor证书课程的个人将获得7分.5 CE hours.

Who should apply
  • Related-industry practitioners, such as LEED Green Associates, LEED AP with specialty credential holders, waste consultants, property managers, facility managers, sustainability managers, and business owners
  • Emerging professionals and students 谁进入市场,帮助培训他们未来的雇主如何实施和实现零浪费
  • Service providers: Waste, recycling and composting companies; food service providers; waste tracking and billing management companies, packaging providers
  • Purchasing agents, human resource and accounting/management professionals


$450 USD ($350 USD for USGBC members)

This fee includes access to the following for a 180-day period:

  • 12 online narrated modules
  • 可下载的资源和指导笔记,以加强学习,并可在未来参考
  • 75-question, end-of-course exam

Download the TRUE Advisor Certificate Program Handbook
Any questions? Explore our TRUE Advisor FAQs.

TRUE Advisor learning outcomes

TRUE顾问证书表明个人具备零浪费术语的基本知识, tools, technologies, 以及根据TRUE评级体系协助TRUEbt365真人过程的实施策略. 以下是TRUE Advisor课程主题和相应学习成果的列表.

Overview of Zero Waste and a Zero Waste Facility
  • Describe the definition of zero waste.
  • Identify key components of a zero waste economy.
  • Cite the characteristics of a zero waste facility.
  • 确定实现零浪费所需的一般过程和要求.

TRUE Certification and the Role of the TRUE Advisor
  • Describe the TRUE Certification program.
  • Explain the requirements and components of the TRUE rating system.
  • Identify the TRUE certification process.
  • Describe the TRUE Advisor certificate program.
  • 说明TRUE Advisor证书可能提供的专业好处.

Redesign, Reduce, Reuse
  • Describe the intent and requirements within the Redesign category.
  • Describe the intent and requirements within the Reduce category.
  • Describe the intent and requirements within the Reuse category.
  • 描述与重新设计类别相关的关键术语、工具和技术.
  • 描述与重用类别相关的关键术语、工具和技术.
  • 描述与Reduce类别相关的关键术语、工具和技术.

Bin Right Sizing
  • Define right-sizing.
  • Describe the process of right-sizing.

Compost (Re-earth) and Recycle
  • Describe the intent and requirements within the Compost category.
  • Describe the intent and requirements within the Recycle category.
  • 描述与堆肥相关的关键术语、工具和技术.
  • 描述与循环特性相关的关键术语、工具和技术.

  • 描述零废物报告类别的意图和要求.
  • 描述转移类别中的意图和要求.
  • 描述与零废物报告相关的关键术语、工具和技术.
  • 描述与导流类相关的关键术语、工具和技术.

Zero Waste Metrics
  • Define baseline.
  • Describe how to put together a diversion tracking system.
  • Explain how to calculate diversion.
  • Explain how to estimate weights.
  • 描述TRUE额定值系统中的分流和计算要求.
  • Describe the importance of the value and volume of your materials.

  • 描述采购类别中的意图和要求.
  • 描述领导力范畴内的意图和要求.
  • Describe the intent and requirements within the Training category.
  • Describe the intent and requirements within the Analysis category.
  • 描述与采购相关的关键术语、工具和技术.
  • 描述与领导力相关的关键术语、工具和技术.
  • 描述与培训类相关的关键术语、工具和技术.
  • 描述与分析类相关的关键术语、工具和技术.

Zero Waste Audits
  • 描述废物审核和零废物审核的区别.
  • Describe how to conduct a zero waste audit.

  • 描述上游管理类别中的意图和需求.
  • 描述危险废物预防类别中的意图和要求.
  • 描述闭环范畴内的意图和需求.
  • 描述创新类别中的意图和需求.
  • 描述与上游管理相关的关键术语、工具和技术.
  • Describe key terminologies, 与预防危险废物类别有关的工具和技术.
  • 描述与闭环相关的关键术语、工具和技术.
  • 描述与创新类相关的关键术语、工具和技术.